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Best Kohi Clicking Test 2022

If you are a video / online gaming addict, You keep a successful career in this field. If you are a speedy gamer and still want to improve your clicking speed, here you will find Kohi CPS Test.The best Kohi Clicking Test method to test your click per second and improve your speed. Winning is the highest goal of any player in a match.To increase and maintain your click speed, one needs to practice a lot. It is a kind of indicator that will show your average clicking speed.Kohi Click Test is mainly visit by gamers that play games such as Minecraft, Tekken series, Black ops, etc. Such games need sufficient speed of clicks to achieve a mission or, a fight which results in a win.Kohi CPS Test is a program that allows a player to estimate CPS by clicking in a given time frame. Most CPS programs give 10 seconds time frame.This means you have to click by a mouse in a given box or a frame, as the 10 seconds end it will show how the estimated click per second. Some programs give a frame time of 5 seconds also.This program can also be used via laptop, but only for those laptops which have a touchpad.Some programs also offer CPS by tapping on the spacebar, if by any chance some laptops don’t have a touchpad. You can also use this on mobile phones where you can tap on the screen.Kohi Click Test is originated for Minecraft servers . It was made for hardcore game modes.Although now there are many CPS programs online and there are even apps for it now. People now play it worldwide for click per seconds records. People compete for leaderboards in CPS programs.Some people ask why CPS is important as some players are naturally fast and they find it useless.The answer is that it not only maintains your speed but also maintains your click white maintaining accurate aims.There are many types of methods of clicking to score the highest in the leader boards or team-ups like; regular, jitter, butterfly, and drag.Whereas; regular is an easy method that estimates 3- to 9 CPS, jitter is the hard method which estimates 10 to 14 CPS.The butterfly is the extreme method which estimates 15 to 25 CPS, and the last is drag which is much more extreme and that is estimated 30 to 100 CPS.

Cheating Techniques for Clicking Test

Clicking is done most efficiently with a mouse. A standard mouse would have two main buttons. These buttons would be located next to each other so that the user feels at ease in transferring his / her use between the two.One button is located on the left side of the mouse and the other button is located on the right side of the mouse.

1. Regular Clicking
2. Butterfly Clicks
3. Drag Clicking
4. Jitter Click
5. Auto Clicking

This article will aim to educate interested readers about the multiple ways a user can click the mouse using these two buttons, and these are listed below:

Regular Clicking

Within this category, there are more types of clicking, such as single-clicking, double-clicking and right-clicking, etc.The single-click is the most common type of clicking and is adopted by the user majority of the time while he/she is using the laptop or computer.The method for single-clicking is also quite simple.The user is simply required to press the button on the left side of the mouse. The duration for pressing the button should be a maximum of 1 second and the button should be immediately released upon a single click.Another type of clicking included in this category is double-clicking. This type is also quite simple to carry out.The user is required to click the button on the left side of the mouse two times in rapid succession.The user must do the second click immediately after the first one. If the second click is not done fast enough by the first user, then the computer or laptop will only take into account a single click, and double-clicking will not be considered.Some users may have some problems in doing this double-clicking. For this kind of user, it is recommended that they either opt to buy a new mouse or just try tapping the button instead of clicking it.Another type of clicking that comes under this category is right-clicking. The user may be required to opt for this type of clicking to use certain features, etc.For example, it may be used to access a drop-down menu that presents the user with many options. In this type of clicking, the user is only required to only do a single click.However, please note that there may be some types of mouse that may require the user to do a double click to achieve the relevant aim.The method for this type of clicking is simple; the user is supposed to simply click the button on the right side of the mouse.Click and drag is another type of clicking that may be included in this category. Over here, the user is simply required to click the button on the left side of the mouse and drag the mouse.This type of clicking allows the user to select several items on his / her computer or laptop at once.

Butterfly Clicking

This type of clicking is usually adopted by those users who wish to complete their tasks quickly.But most importantly, it is adopted by those who are playing games on their device and wish to score higher or win the relevant game. The method for this clicking can be quite hard to grasp at first.Hence, it is recommended that the user should try to go too slow when learning this technique and mastering it. This will allow the user to be more skilled at the task at hand when the opportunity presents itself.The user is required to do the following for the butterfly click; The user is supposed to place two fingers on the button which is located on the left side of the mouse.The user can use the thumb finger for support on the mouse and the palm is used to control the movement of the mouse itself. The two fingers that are placed on the left button alternate between clicking.In other words, the user clicks with one finger, while the second finger is up in the air, and then the user clicks with the second finger while the first finger is up in the air.And this is done constantly by the user. Please note that this type of clicking is done fast.

Drag Clicking

This type of clicking is also done by users who are looking to complete their tasks quickly and is also adopted by those who are enthusiastic about computer games.The method for this type of clicking is quite simple to understand and to carry out.The user is required to do the following to achieve a drag click; the user drags his / her relevant finger across the button on the left side of the mouse. This is done in a very powerful way.The result of this type of clicking would be that the user will be able to generate a lot of clicks without even lifting a finger from the mouse.This type of clicking will reduce the amount of movement required by the user. It will also allow the user to generate a high amount of clicks per second, which is extremely beneficial especially if the user is playing a game.

Jitter Clicking

This type of clicking is most commonly used by professional gamers. Jitter click allows the users to click the mouse more quickly and achieve the relevant aims.Because of this, many gamers prefer this type of clicking over the first type of clicking. This type of clicking allows the user to generate more clicks per second, just like Drag Clicking.The method for this type of clicking is tough and can in some cases, even lead to injury. The users are required to strain or tense their arm muscles.By doing this, the users will trigger vibrations in their arms and fingers and when this happens, they will automatically click the relevant button on the mouse and generate clicks with the speed and frequency of the vibration generated.

Auto Clicker

This type of clicking requires downloading software. Using this software will result in automatic clicking.It will work alongside the user’s laptop or computer. The software is very simple to operate and does not require the user to do a lot.To download the best auto clicker, you can visit our page to choose.There you will see auto-clicking software for MAC, Windows, and mobile.